Autonomous Greenhouses International Challenge 2019

Through AI and sensors, build greenhouses of the future


Our Invitation To You

We would like to invite computer scientists and horticultural experts to form multidisciplinary teams to both challenge themselves as well as the state of the art in human operated greenhouse production in order to make a large step towards the Autonomous Greenhouse.

If the capabilities of an AI driven greenhouse can be demonstrated, it will imply a significant opportunity to drive horticultural productivity while reducing resource use and management complexity. AI might help us live healthier lives and make it possible to produce more vitamin rich food in greenhouses for growing human populations.

The Challenge

The goal of the challenge is to produce a cherry tomato crop within 6 months inside a greenhouse remotely! Greenhouse space and controls will be provided by WUR and the teams are allowed to provide their own sensors and cameras.

Each team will be able to extract necessary data from the greenhouse compartment and add their own ICT/models/machine learning algorithms in order to decide on the control settings for the next day or period.

Important Dates

Challenge growing
experiment remotely
Final Event

Our Jury

An international jury of experts in the field of horticulture and artificial intelligence will select the winning teams.

Eric Vereijken

Tomato grower in the Netherlands. Responsible for crop production and technology at his company Vereijken kwekerijen

Leo Marcelis

Professor at Horticulture and Product Physiology at Wageningen University

Dijun Luo

Principal researcher at Tencent AI Lab. Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Texas. Best paper reward of ICDM 2010 and ECML 2011.

Mengdi Wang

Assistant Professor of Operations Research and Financial Engineering at Princeton University.She is a rising star on the field of artificial intelligence research.

Gerrit van Straten

Professor Emeritus with vast experience in optimal control of bioprocesses and greenhouse cultivation.

Marco Bressan

Chief Data Scientist in Satellogic where he is bringing together a team of AI experts to build a planet-scale real-time analytics platform.

2018 Challenge

Final winner of the first worldwide Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge has been announced on 12 December during AgriFoodTech in The Netherlands. Team Sonoma with researchers from Microsoft Research, Wageningen University and University of Copenhagen won the competition. During the final event consumers could taste the first AI grown cucumbers.


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Wageningen University & Research

WUR is the number one university in the agro-food domain in the Netherland .


Combining Wageningen University & Research’s knowledge in horticulture and cutting-edge autonomous greenhouse facilities, Tencent AI Lab’s deep expertise in computer system design as well as Artificial Intelligence, we proudly present the 2nd edition of the Autonomous Greenhouses International Challenge